Sunday, April 20, 2014

Student suspended for asking Miss America to the prom

A student at Manchester Township in New York was suspended for asking Miss America to the prom during an assembly.

Administrators heard rumblings he was going to do this, warned him not to do it, but he could not pass up the opportunity, so they gave him the boot:

(Patrick) Favres — a popular class clown, who plays the drums — went ahead with his plan, and handed Davuluri a plastic pink flower that made her laugh and students cheer.
Instead of a date, Favres says, he was booted out of the assembly and slapped with three days of in-school suspension for “deliberately defying” school administrators.
Students and other supporters quickly took to Twitter to blast the school for the too-harsh punishment, spawning the hashtag #freepatty.
“The Administration needs to get over its overly rigid self. How shameful!,” Tweeted @Maryannaville.